2nd year MEFISTA workshop

The 2nd year MEFISTA mnworkshop took place on 5-6th Decmber 2022 as an hybrid event both online and in person at UPC (Barcelona, Spain).

This was the second out of three annual workshop of MEFISTA. The workshops will review progress in WPs and strategies for the next 10 months of research activity. All the ESRs  gave technical presentation about their work.

Mefista Technical Induction and 1st MEFISTA Annual Workshop Meeting

9 September 2021, online

The MEFISTA Consortium met today for an update on progress and now that all Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are on board, to complete the Induction started in part earlier this year. ESR2 Nayeem Akhter only onboarded properly in June because of the pandemic, so we met to bring one another up to speed on the work at hand. In the morning, each hosting beneficiary gave an overview of their facilities, the technology and the science involved, and spoke about the work being done within the Project, plus challenges and future plans. News sparked off different questions and ideas, which will lead to mini meetings between the partners. In the afternoon, each ESR presented on their work progress to date.

MEFISTA’s Project Manager updated members on the new research podcast, featuring all ESrs, the new Mefista newsletter and the upcoming in-person and online mini symposium on 17/18 November 2021 being organised by partners Lille and EPFL on frequency comb fundamentals to applications.

MEFISTA Supervisory Board meeting, 29 June 2021

MEFISTA’s Supervisory Board met to discuss the best timing for secondments and how they relate to the work of the Early Stage Researchers. The meeting was attended by supervisors from Aston, EPFL, NKT and UPC.

Mefista Mid Term Check Meeting, 15 June 2021, online

MEFISTA held its Mid Term Check meeting this month. Project Management, the EC Project Officer, all six Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), Beneficiaries and Industry Organisations were present. A Supervisory Board was also held. The consortium was brought up to speed on the research taking place. Also, with our six ESRs being based in France, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and the UK, it was a chance for everyone to meet, albeit online.

MEFISTA’s Project Coordinator and Project Manager gave presentations on governance, future plans and the recruitment process and the EC Project Officer in Brussels shared best practice, going over key MSCA principles. ESRs also had a chance to meet with the Project Officer themselves, crucial for project accountability and compliance with EC rules. Not surprisingly, the MEFISTA ESRs ‘stole the show’ with presentations covering their backgrounds, their journey to MEFISTA and their work in progress. MEFISTA is the  proud recipient of EC Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Number 861152.

MEFISTA management meeting, 15 February 2021

The management meeting of MEFISTA was performed remotely via Microsoft Teams on 15th February 2021. The meeting was attended by a total of 8 participants. The main topics discussed have been: i) completion of ESRs recruitment; ii) Secondment re-organisation due to COVID pandemic; iii) Preparation for the mid-term check meeting in March 2021 and iv) organisation of the Networks and Training events.

MEFISTA management meeting, 7 October 2020

The management meeting of MEFISTA was performed remotely via Webex on 7th October 2020. The meeting was attended by a total of 8 participants. The main topic discussed during the meeting have been: i) ESRs recruitment; ii) Secondments; iii) Future Networks and training events and iv) Upcoming deliverables.


MEFISTA kick-off meeting

MEFISTA had its first network-wide gathering during the kick-off meeting on 19th March 2020 .

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic (#COVID19) that confined us to our home, the entire kick-off meeting was successfully done online via @Webex.

We are looking forward to recruit our 6 Early Stage Researches.