International Day of Light 2021 Brochure – MEFISTA ESRs

June 2021

What makes a great research team? Scientists? A vital topic? Yes – but behind every great research project there is a raft of organisation, systems for making sure projects comply with EC rules and clear, effective communication and trouble-shooting. At the Aston Photonic Technologies Institute (AIPT) at Aston University, that means the Project Managers. We may not all be engineers, but we make the engineering happen. To celebrate the 8th International Women in Engineering Day this week (INWED), the EC Project Managers at AIPT have produced this poster (also shown below) to showcase the many ways women push boundaries in scientific research. The big day itself is on 23 June 2021 and is brought to us by the Women’s Engineering Society.

May 2021

To celebrate the International Day of Light, MEFISTA ESRs described how their research related to the concept of ‘Light’.

Read the articles they contributed further below. You can also see them in the International Day of Light 2021 brochure.

International Day of Light