This is a by-invitation-only symposium for MEFISTA. The topic will be entrepreneurship and photonics.

Please see the agenda as follows; a link has been sent.

Time UK and CEST Speaker and Topic
7.55am UK (8.55am CEST) Opening/welcome NKT
8-9am UK (9-10am CEST) Jes Broeng, Professor, Director of DTU Entrepreneurship
15 min break
9.15-10.15am UK (10.15-11.15am CEST) CEST, Peter Moselund, CEO, Swiss PIC
15 min break
10.30-11.30am UK (11.30-12.30pm CEST) Thor E. Ansbæk, CEO, OCTLIGHT
Lunch 1 hour
12.30-13.45 UK (13.30-14.45 CEST) Mads Demenikov & Jesper Bo Jensen, Patents and IPR at NKT Photonics