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Alberto Rodriguez Cuevas, Hani J. Kbashi, Dmitrii Stoliarov, Sergey Sergeyev Polarization dynamics, stability and tunability of a dual-comb polarization-multiplexing ring-cavity fiber laser Open Access Gold
Kbashi, H.J., Kolpakov, S.A. and Sergeyev, S.V., Fast and slow optical rogue waves in the fiber laser
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Optical Solitons

Open Access Gold
Huang, Z., Sergeyev, S., Huang, Q., Xing, Z., Yan, Z. and Mou, C Breathers driven by polarization instabilities and Open Access
Sergey Sergeyev, Stanislav Kolpakov, and Yury Loika Vector harmonic mode-locking by acoustic resonance Photonics Research, Open Access Gold
Sergey V. Sergeyev, Mahmoud Eliwa, and Hani Kbashi Polarization attractors driven by vector soliton rain Optics Express, Open Access Gold
Stefano Negrini, François Copie, Saliya Coulibaly, Matteo Confortim, Alexandre Kudlinski, Arnaud Mussot Effect of synchronization mismatch on modulation instability in passive fiber-ring cavity IEEE Xplore, Open Access Green
Moritz Bartnick, Gayathri Bharathan, Thorsten A. Goebel, Ria G. Krämer, Stefan Nolte, and Camille-Sophie Brès Wavelength-stabilized tunable mode-locked thulium-doped fiber laser beyond 2 µm Optics Letters, Open Access Gold
Auro M. Perego, Arnaud Mussot, and Matteo Conforti Theory of filter-induced modulation instability in driven passive optical resonators Physical Review A, Open Access Green