The 3rd International AiPT Workshop FreQomb: Optical Frequency Combs will bring together leading researchers in the field of optical frequency combs science and technology to discuss its fundamentals, applications, and future opportunities. The topics covered include the recent development of innovative sources based on lasers, waveguides and microresonators, novel nonlinear dynamics effects in optical resonators, and diverse applications of optical frequency combs in astronomy, quantum technologies, and photonic computing. The Workshop is chaired by Dr Gabriella Gardosi and MEFISTA ESR Alberto Rodriguez Cuevas presenting a poster with new results, Stable Asynchronous Vector Soliton Generation in an All-fiber Single Cavity Laser.

Date: 29 November – 1 December, 2023
Venue: Aston University & Priory Rooms Conference Centre.

The workshop organisation was supported by Aston University Research Impact Fund, EPSRC project EP/W002868/1 and TOPTICA Photonics