MEFISTA podcasts featuring our Early Stage Researchers are posted below.

They are published via to Spotify, Apple, Breaker, Castbox, Google podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts and RadioPublic. Why not subscribe to this series of six interviews? The podcasts will touch not just on MEFISTA but also, on all the great things that being a MSCA researcher brings.

Podcast link Featuring Date
Research talk with Moritz Bartnick: what is a micron, an optical fibre & a good career decision? Early Stage Researcher Moritz Bartnick & Project Manager Karola Woods 20 October 2021 (31 minutes)
Research talk with Nayeem Akhter. The joy of doing what you’re good at, in depth Early Stage Researcher Nayeem Akhter & Project Manager Karola Woods 15 September 2021 (34 minutes)
Research talk with Stefano-Negrini: What-exactly-are-optical-frequency-combs-anyway?

Early Stage Researcher Stefano Negrini & Project Manager Karola Woods 21 July 2021 (34 minutes)